Feta & clementine lunch bowl


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Match interesting feta with green lentils, sweet clementines and crunchy peppers in this vivid stuffed lunch. It's low-calorie and plentiful in L-ascorbic acid and fiber

Cooking Ingredients

    1 red onion, divided and daintily cut
    1 lemon, zested and squeezed
    2 clementines, 1 zested, tissue cut
    2 garlic cloves, cleaved
    400g can green lentils, depleted
    1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    1 ½ tbsp rapeseed oil
    1 red pepper, quartered and cut
    60g feta, disintegrated
    little modest bunch mint, hacked
    4 pecan parts, slashed

Cooking Direction

    Stage 1
    Blend the onion in with the lemon juice, lemon and clementine zing and garlic.

    Stage 2
    Tip the lentils into two dishes or lunchboxes and sprinkle over the balsamic and 1 tbsp oil. Heat the excess oil in an enormous non-stick wok, add the pepper and pan fried food for 3 mins. Tip in a portion of the onion and cook until delicate. Heap on top of the lentils, then, at that point, blend the clementines, remaining onions, feta, mint and pecan pieces.