Meatball & tomato soup


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Get three of your 5-a-day in one presenting with this sound, low-calorie tomato soup. The expansion of meatballs and goliath couscous implies it's filling, as well

Cooking Ingredients

    1½ tbsp rapeseed oil
    1 onion, finely slashed
    2 red peppers, deseeded and cut
    1 garlic clove, squashed
    ½ tsp bean stew chips
    2 x 400g jars slashed tomatoes
    100g monster couscous
    500ml hot vegetable stock
    12 pork meatballs
    150g child spinach
    ½ little bundle of basil
    ground parmesan, to serve (discretionary)

Cooking Direction

    Stage 1
    Heat the oil in a pot. Broil the onion and peppers for 7 mins, then mix through the garlic and bean stew chips and cook for 1 min. Add the tomatoes, goliath couscous and veg stock and bring to a stew.

    Stage 2
    Season to taste, then add the meatballs and spinach. Stew for 5-7 mins or until cooked through. Scoop into bowls and top with the basil and some parmesan, on the off chance that you like.