Smoked salmon, quinoa & dill lunch pot


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This simple pressed lunch is however heavenly as it seems to be nutritious, with crunchy cucumber and radishes and a herby, velvety dressing

Cooking Ingredients

    2 tbsp half-fat soured cream
    2 tbsp lemon juice
    ½ pack dill, finely slashed
    250g pocket prepared to-eat quinoa (we utilized Dealer Connoisseur)
    ½ cucumber, divided and cut
    4 radishes, finely cut
    100g smoked salmon, attacked strips

Cooking Direction

    Stage 1
    To begin with, make the dressing. Blend the soured cream and lemon squeeze together in a bowl, then add the vast majority of the dill, saving a quarter for serving.

    Stage 2
    In another bowl, consolidate the quinoa with the cucumber and radishes, and mix through around 50% of the dressing. Season and top with the salmon and the remainder of the dill.

    Stage 3
    Put the other portion of the dressing in a little pot and shower over the quinoa not long prior to serving.