Tomato & basil soup


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Join fruity sundried tomatoes with tinned tomatoes to make this rich tomato soup with a natively constructed basil pesto - ideal for the profundities of winter.

Cooking Ingredients

    1tbsp olive oil
    2 garlic cloves, squashed
    5 sundried tomatoes, generally hacked
    3 x 400g jars plum tomatoes
    500ml turkey or vegetable stock
    1tsp sugar, any sort, or more to taste
    140ml soured cream
    1tbsp pesto
    basil leaves, to serve

Cooking Direction

    Stage 1
    Heat the margarine or oil in a huge container, then add the garlic and relax for a couple of moments over a low intensity. Add the sundried tomatoes, canned tomatoes, stock, sugar and preparing, then bring to a stew. Allow the soup to rise for 10 mins until the tomatoes have separated a bit.

    Stage 2
    Whizz with a stick blender, adding a portion of the pot of soured cream as you go. Taste and change the flavoring - add more sugar in the event that you want to. Serve in bowls with 1 tbsp or so of the pesto whirled on top, somewhat more soured cream and disperse with basil leaves.